As there is a huge lack of irrefutable, empirical or otherwise utterly verifiable evidence to "prove" the "beliefs" of Atheism, I would argue it does require FAITH to believe in it (Atheism). There are many great postulations about the Origins of life, space, planets, stars etc. but to say they are all based on measurable fact is a leap. Quite the LEAP in fact.

Not the least of which is the belief that non-life randomly became life, out of a primordial soup made up largely of just a series of protons, neutrons and electrons, WITHOUT a higher-Power, smarter-Power and much more POWERFUL-Power, to guide and direct that first initial transition.

At the end of the day, it's all good. Hells bells, if I can mock Atheism, you can mock my God (Christ). This is NOT Islam, I won't threaten to cut your head off, and neither will my God. He's big enough to handle human ignorance, both that of His followers and from those who question Him.

I happen to enjoy having someone (respectfully) question my beliefs. I have nothing to hide, and who knows, perhaps whilst digging to answer a given query, I may learn something new!


WHAT IF (Sunday, 18 December 2011)

What if a bunch of Christians / Jews, registered for a series of courses and or studies at selected Islamic (so-called) institutions of higher learning, and then:

Commenced with legal actions (such as those spearheaded by some Muslim students attending a Catholic University) to have ALL offensive, to Jews or Christians, symbolism removed from the various classrooms, halls, auditoriums, dorms, etc.

Embarked on a call to have ALL references, found to be “offensive” to Jews or Christians, removed from Text Books, instructional supplemental materials etc.

Lobbied to have Law-Makers pass legislation passed that would force the closure of segregated prayer areas and the list goes on, and on and on...

Hmmmm…, what if indeed!


HALF OUR COUNTRY (Sunday, 4 December 2011)

"Half their country"? She says: "Our culture they (the Jews) want, our integrity they (the Jews) want, half our country they (the Jews) want, half our home." Who the 'effffffff' does she think she kidding?

More importantly, why are we (in the West) buying into such stooooooooooopid, mind numbingly hateful propaganda!

"...going to Palestine really made me appreciate the privileges we have here (in Great Britain), you do actually have a chance here to have your voice heard." With that brief excerpt, I am in agreement and her proclamation even seems to make sense and have some merit.

People of ALL racial, gender, social and religious backgrounds do have infinitely more privileges, even in the poorest of neighbourhoods in:

The US,
Great Britain,
New Zealand,
(the "West" or Western World)

than do many people living in Palestine. And the conditions of the so-called Palestinian people's living arrangements are so very very tragic.

That is until you read the missing earlier part of that sentence, wherein she says: "Growing up, living in Britain, I used to feel very British. Now I feel very Palestinian,..." The question quickly becomes one of WHY are the Palestinian people's living conditions so poor? Is it really Israel's fault, or is it rather the P.A.'s own doing. The P.A. and their connection with and support from Hamas, are the real culprits and cause of the sordid living conditions, of the so-called Palestinian peoples.

Once reading her full statement, watching the video itself and reading the full article, the inherent FLAW in her reasoning becomes crystal clear. Yes she observes the poor living conditions of her "Palestinian" brethren, but she wrongly BLAMES Israel for those poor living conditions. And she even more foolishly attributes the very freedoms and privileges she has come to know, love and appreciate in the UK to her Islamic heritage.

The crescendo of her deception is nicely encapsulated in her vulgar defense of her "kaffiyeh": "You can take my falafel and hummus, but don't f***ing touch my kaffiyeh."

British-Palestinian helps promote London Olympics - Israel News, Ynetnewshttp://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4155996,00.html

Ok, Rant dun – © Da Bauz’s take 2011

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