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The Demonization of the Jews and the Jewish State

Why is it that western Democratic Politicians, including People in general seem to think Israeli democracy is some how different to theirs?  That some how Israelis Commit war Crimes against Humanity when the very charges themselves are based on flimsy and questionable evidences… well, more to the point, there are no evidence whatsoever other than what the Muslims and Arab Regimes tell us.  Why is it that the Words of Dictators, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Arab Thugs seem to add more weight than that of the Israelis?

The truth is, those who think Israel is Guilty want to believe this, they are actually thinking evil about Israel rather than looking objectively and weighing up the real hard facts.  Of course we know that Israelis are like us, free and democratic, free people think and act differently particularly when they’re in a war situation.  The Arabs and the Islamic side behave totally opposite yet here we find western Democratic thinkers always ready to put Israel in the dock rather than being objective.  Well, another point is those western thinkers know well enough that the Arabs have no freedom, not even freedom of thought.  When Israel is charged with some Violation, the truth is always the case that Israel get the blame for the crimes done by the Arabs, instead of western Nations condemning the real Perpetrators, they find it more convenient to blame Israel for the very Crimes committed by the Arabs themselves. 

Part of the reason for this is because most western nations don't accept the Bible and the Historic fact That This Land belonged to the Jews.  Those who do accept the historic facts don't think they are relevant any more.  And of course the Arabs with their perverse god and Sharia background strike fear in western minds and they think they can tame the Arabs if they can only be seen to be taking their sides in the Middle East.  And Arabs have Oil of course.  But it goes much deeper than this.  Anti-Israelism is the New but subtle (Hidden) form of Anti-Semitism.  This way, they can hide their Anti-Semitism by Blaming Israel for crimes they supposedly commit and that they are the real problem because they occupy a land that does not belong to them, WHICH IS A BIG LIE Anyway!

Being Anti-Israeli is fashionable since they say it is Zionists who Control the World, quite a claim when most of the World is against them and they are doing their best just to hold on to a patch of land.  If they Control the world, odd indeed those very people are facing losing their Country which is the size of Wales surrounded by a sea of Corrupt Despotic Regimes and Islamic agitators.  Yes, they use the Palestinian Issue to demonize Israel.  They try to convince us it not that they’re anti-Israeli but they are rather Pro-Palestine and supporting their freedom etc… Oh come on... Palestine freedom?  What Freedom is that when it home?  The Palestinians are trapped under the Tyranny of their own Corrupt leaders.

The Palestinians would be better off under the Israeli and every sane westerner knows this… so why all the hatred and bashing of the Only True democratic state in the Middle East?  Because they hate Jews… that is the simple answer!  The rest are ignorant and are being manipulated by the Anti-Israeli media and haters… they are being blinded by the false reports and trumped up charges leveled against Israel every time they decide to retaliate and defend their own people.  Israel makes mistakes like any other democratic state.  But never do they go out of their way to injure civilians… rather; they risk their own Soldiers to avoid Killing Civilians, Civilians that are deliberately put in harms way by the Fascist Hamas and Hezbollah.  That’s right, it’s the Arabs who fight this way, and they don't even hide it so why do the Nations always accuse Israel of such crimes? Because they hate Israel!

THE Bible tells us that there would be such a Venom against Israel that even the ordinary people would be blinded by the lies. Anti-Semitism is essentially a Spiritual Phenomena which reflect itself through those who choose for various reasons to hate Jews.  Have you noticed how relentless the Enemies of Israel are?  They are forever Blaming Israel, never taking an Objective view, always Israel, Israel, Israel... Israel is the fault! They can do no right!

By: Chris Moore (C.M.), 16 / Jan / 12 – this 16th day of January 2012 © 2012, All Rights Reserved

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The article posted above was written by a friend and fellow Zionist.  I make no claims to authorship, and I am posting this write-up to my Blog for two (2) reasons:

First – in an effort to increase the available audience
Second – it touched my heart, and reminded me of one of my own recent Blogs

As for Da Bauz’s take on, The Demonization of the Jews and the Jewish State – this 16th day of January 2012, I simply put, could not have said what was said by Chris any better.  © 2012, All Rights Reserved, C.M., re-posted with permission (Da Bauz, Christian Zionist)

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